Berserker Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating4
Toughness Rating3
Speed Rating2
Range Rating1
Dificulty Rating4
Berserker Icon Bloodthirst

Unit Description

From childhood, the men of Britomartis are raised in a brutal, highly competetive world.

Those who survive become berserkers, an exclusive club of elite warriors for superhuman toughness.

Berserkers thive in the heat of bloody battle, drawing on the pain of their foes to fuel their inner fire.

++Health on attack

Usable Gear

Bloodclout Blades
Rune Bracer
Reaper's Scythe
Makichan Amulet
Bearskin Cloak
Grave Keeper
Manskull of Imbibition

Additional InformationEdit

Berserker is a specialization of Soul Ancient


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Strategy TipsEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

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