Cantabrian Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating3
Toughness Rating2
Speed Rating4
Range Rating2
Dificulty Rating5
Cantabrian Icon Xavus

Unit Description

The Cantabrian special operations unit was founded during the Isle-Britorian war, and played a key role in ending that conflict.

Claiming exotic mounts local to the new continent, Cantabrians unite high mobility and sharpshooting in a deadly tactical combination.

A hybrid of Imperial and Floic technology, the Xavus is a powerful throwing weapon used at medium range.

Gains a ranged attack a short time after being issued a move order

Usable Gear

Regal Crescents
Spurs of the Sun
Kinetic Shocker
Castle-Forged Scimitar
Chameleon Cuirass
Twin Discs of Cantabria

Additional Information Edit

Cantabrian is a specialization unit of Horseman


No lore at this time.

Strategy TipsEdit

The Cantabrian has to be kept moving for a certain amount of time before its ranged attack is readied. Once it is readied it lasts until used (or upon death, obviously). With careful micromanagement, the Cantabrian is able to make constant hit and run attacks.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This unit was added to the game in the beta version