Artifacts are rewards for winning matches or by completing Special Missions that can be used to craft Gear. Artifacts can also be purchased from the in-game Store from Chests.

Artifacts can be used to craft Gear that you can equip to your units.


Artifacts have 4 different rarities Common, Rare, Epic, and Mythical. The rarity determines how likely you are to receive an item. For example, you are more likely to be rewarded a Rare artifact than a Mythical artifact.

The percentage rate of receiving each rarity is currently unknown.


Currently there are only 2 types of chests that, when purchaced, will reward you with an artifact. The 2 chests that are related to Artifacts are:-

For more information on chests please visit Category:Chests


There are 3 different Origins where artifacts come from, These Origins are:-

While there is only 3 origins there are some artifacts that are common among the Floic, the Empire, and the Rise.

Artifact ListsEdit

You can find a list of the artifacts from the different origins:-

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