Special Missions are available at varying intervals on your Home screen in TEC. They are available for a limited period of time ranging from one hour to more than 12 hours, after  which a new, random special mission will become available. When you complete a special mission a replacement is also not available until the timer counts down to zero.

Special Missions are unique challenges. Sometimes they require you to use a fixed army. Frequently you are outnumbered, outgunned, and pressed for time. In all of them you will fight against an AI opponent. The rules are otherwise identical to a PvP match: kill, capture, or lose. If you fail you may attempt the mission again with no penalty until the timer on the special mission reaches zero.

The map and units selected by the AI are the same for every time that you attempt a Special Mission. These are special scenarios where opposing units almost always start the battle much farther forward than their drop zone. The AI does not use reinforcements in a Special Mission. If you would like to know which Special Missions use a specific map they are linked at the bottom of each map's respective page.

Special Missions and Leveling Edit

Victory in a Special Mission awards you with an artifact (many of which are otherwise hard to find) as well as gold and experience rewards. The gold and XP given are higher (though they still vary) based on your level and rank.

Missions are chosen based on your level and rank. Some missions only occur within a small window, others can be given over a wider range of levels.

Easy difficulty Medium difficulty Hard difficulty Epic difficulty

The above table previously showed difficulty levels because it was believed that the missions varied in difficulty in discrete increments. Based on the information above this is not correct. The table will remain, however, until we can change the templates to reflect the proper mission propagation.

List of Special Missions Edit

The Special Missions are:

  1. An Opportunity
  2. At the Gates
  3. Bandit Patrol
  4. Bloodbath
  5. Children of Demataris
  6. Dark Tradition
  7. Daybreak Colony
  8. False Pilgrimage
  9. Heritage Site
  10. House Dawn's Ambition
  11. Infiltration
  12. Juggernaut of Dawn
  13. Mou La Caille's Fortress
  14. Outlaws
  15. Peasant Uprising
  16. Pelvic Sorcery
  17. Pride of the Rise
  18. Raiders' Rest
  19. Red Riders
  20. Rite of Passage
  21. Sandstorm
  22. Supply Lines
  23. The Brotherhood
  24. The Crow's Nest
  25. The Hood in the Forest
  26. The Mountain Lord
  27. The Salt Lord
  28. The Seeds of War
  29. The Soil Lord
  30. The Trees Have Eyes

Training Special Missions Edit

There are also a few Special Missions in the initial training you complete with Captain Morrigan. In order, they are:

Plots Found in Special Missions Edit

The Special Missions include details on a few minor plot arcs, some of which cross. These arcs are:

  • The threat of House Dawn to the Empire.
  • The Empire's relationship with the Rise.
  • The threats of various groups of bandits.
  • The trials and tribulations of the peasantry in the Riverlands region.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Special Missions were introduced in the public beta.

We need help! We need clear screenshots of some missions (at the start, before units start moving). On other missions we don't even know which maps are used. You can check each mission's page individually or you can look here to see which ones we don't even have any map data on.

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