There are 18 units in The Ember Conflict, with 10 being Base Units and 8 Specializations.

Base Units Edit

Units referred as Base Units are the ones available in the Alpha release of the game, plus the Prideborn. They are called base units because they are cheaply available in-game and several can be specialized to different units. The Berzerker introduced in the Alpha was replaced with the Soul Ancient (and related specialized units) due to balance issues.

Specializations Edit

Specializations were introduced on the Dev Blog[1] and first playable during the public beta. Base Units reaching level 10 have the opportunity to Specialize, evolving into one of two units. The first time Specializations were playable was when The Ember Conflict entered its Beta.

Unit List by Type Edit

In the following chart below base units are listed in bold and specializations are listed in italics.

Infantry Cavalry Ranged Support

Note: The Cantabrian is listed in both Cavalry and Ranged because, while technically a Cavalry unit, it has a ranged attack also and is listed in both categories in TEC.

References Edit

  1. The Ember Conflict Dev Blog: Specialize your Units

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