The Ember Conflict can be daunting at first. There are lots of units, gear, artifacts, levels, maps, multiple units to control to a fine degree right from the start, and more. Fortunately, the community is here to help! These are guides written by fellow players such as yourself to help you get the edge right from the start. And if you don't see one that you wish was here, write it yourself!

You may also find the Strategy category interesting.

It's also likely that you're here to see the player level table complete with rank insignia.

One guideline:

  • if the guide you write just has the basic facts of play and no opinions or debatable material then feel free to add it as a page.
  • If the guide has opinions, content that is disputed, or similar material, then add it as a blog page on your own blog. (If you have a wikia account then you have a blog. Click your user face up in the white wikia bar on top of this page, then click on the blog tab on your user page.)

By adding the 'Walkthroughs' category to either your page or blog post the content will automatically be shown here for other players to see.

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