Longbow Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating3
Toughness Rating2
Speed Rating2
Range Rating4
Dificulty Rating3
Longbow Icon Hawkeye

Unit Description

Exceptional marksmen even by the high standards of the Rangers, the masters of the longbow can hit their targets from a significantly greater range.

A common choice for assassionation, they are relied on in battle to provide ranged support from afar.

Masters of the Longbow have increased physical strength which allows them to pull heavier bows with a large effective range.

Usable Gear

Imperial Arrowheads
Carbon Shafts
Razorwind Cape
Reactive Bulwark
Lightweight Garb
Concussive Arrows
Bow of the Pierced God

Additional Information Edit

Longbow is a specialization unit of Ranger.


No lore at this time.

Strategy TipsEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

This unit was added to the game in the beta version