Phalanx Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating1
Toughness Rating5
Speed Rating1
Range Rating1
Dificulty Rating2
Phalanx Icon Tower Shield

Unit Description

Cavalry charges break upon the phalanx as water on stone.

Only the most resilient men of the Imperial Guard enter this special division, tasked with the protection of fragile and high value assets.

Given the time to establish a defensive base, the Phalanx will take significantly less damage from incoming attacks.

+Defence when stationary

Usable Gear

Imperial Breastplate
Gilded Greaves
Legion Helm
Shield of the Empire
Bran's Bevor
Flaming Cuirass
Banner of Glory

Additional InformationEdit

This unit is a specialization unit from Shield Guard.


No lore at this time.

Strategy TipsEdit

The Phalanx is built like a brick wall, but it doesn't hit very hard and it's very slow. Gilded Greaves will move it into position faster for you. The Imperial Breastplate will make it much more durable. (Note: the phalanx is not a good defender against ranged units. It's too slow to catch up.)

While the Flaming Cuirass and the Banner of Glory will make it especially cooperative with allies, consider whether the phalanx is going to be able to move into a position where opposing units will be forced to close within melee range and not either move around the phalanx or blast it from a distance.

Behind the ScenesEdit

No info at this time.