Prideborn Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating4
Toughness Rating2
Speed Rating5
Range Rating1
Dificulty Rating4
Prideborn Icon Feral Rage

Unit Description

The bond between the chosen daughters of the Rise and their snow-cubs is rooted in their shared childhood. Few who have seen the wrath of a Prideborn mourning her feral ally have lived to tell the tale.

As a snow-cub lays into a foe, the sight of blood whips into a feral rage.

++Consecutive attacks deal increasing damage

Usable Gear

Polished Claws
Savage Spurs
Glaive of Insight
Natural Order

Additional Information Edit

No additional information at this time.


No known lore

Strategy TipsEdit

Now playable in the public beta. No strategy tips yet.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Any similarities noticed between the Prideborn tiger and a certain armored tiger of 1980's Saturday morning cartoon fame is not accidental, but rather an affectionate homage.