Ranger Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating4
Toughness Rating1
Speed Rating2
Range Rating3
Dificulty Rating2
Ranger Icon Marksman's Aim

Unit Description

Hailing from a society of skilled hunters, rangers are the matriarchs of a native tribe predating Isle settlement.

After centuries of tension, their most skilled archers now serve under Isle Command in return for political rights.

Rangers undergo extraordinary training and almost never miss with a bow, but are extremely vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat.

Extremely accurate damage

Usable Gear

Imperial Arrowheads
Carbon Shafts
Razorwind Cape
Reactive Bulwark

Additional InformationEdit

The Ranger herself is a formidable foe, despite being available from the very beginning of the game. She is the quintessential ranged unit in The Ember Conflict; providing high damage at the cost of survivability, and rewarding good positioning and support play from more tanky allies.


No known lore

Strategy TipsEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

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At level 10, the Ranger can be upgraded, the Specialized unit using either a Longbow or a Crossbow.


Training - Ranged Units

Training - Ranged Units