Repeater Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating5
Toughness Rating2
Speed Rating2
Range Rating2
Dificulty Rating3
Repeater Icon Rapid Fire

Unit Description

The repeater cannon is a new invention of the Imperial Armory, and has changed the face of skirmish warfare in recent history.

Though vulnerable, Repeater troops wield immense firepower and a formidable tactical presence on the field.

The Repeater Cannon unleashes bolts at an incredible speed, but has a short effective range.

Usable Gear

Imperial Arrowheads
Carbon Shafts
Razorwind Cape
Reactive Bulwark
Shadow Cloak
Combat Gear
Vigilante Hellfire

Additional Information Edit

Repeater is a specialization unit of Ranger


No lore at this time.

Strategy TipsEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

Originally the Repeater was described on the The Ember Conflict dev blog as the crossbow ranger, and was added to the game in the beta version