Soul Ancient
Soul Ancient
Soul Ancient Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating3
Toughness Rating4
Speed Rating2
Range Rating1
Dificulty Rating2
Soul Ancient Icon Regeneration

Unit Description

The soldier of Britomartis is subject to a lifetime of ritual, and arrives in his station with advantage beyond that of physical training.

They carry into battle a shamanic tradition that lends them extraordinary vitality.

Soul Ancients heal at an astounding rate, and are known to flee at the edge of life only to return with full force moments later.

++Health over time

Usable Gear

Bloodclout Blades
Rune Bracer
Reaper's Scythe
Makichan Amulet

Additional InformationEdit


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Strategy TipsEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

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At level 10 you can extend your Shield Guard by specializing it into a new unit. The unit specializations are:-