This is where you can find out what still needs to be done on the Wiki

The Wiki To Do List

Templates Edit

Create dynamic templates for:-

Templates are something that CAPGames is focusing on working on. The should be Mobile Compatible for at least mobile web browsers, Game Guides app and MyWikia app. Templates that are used on multiple pages, for example, Gear pages, WILL be protected so that only admins can edit to prevent breaking lots of pages with vital information.

Template DocsEdit

Create docs for templates listed above. All templates must have some form of documentation so that users know exactly how to use the templates.


Some Categories need worked on

  • Units - Complete
    • Individual unit pages need gear summaries added back on. ...again.
  • Artifacts - Complete
    • Needed: All-artifact list (by rarity, alphabetically)
  • Gear
    • Needed: all-gear list (by rarity, alphabetically)
  • Game Features
    • In-game Techniques
  • Lore (Page complete. Some sub-categories need work)
    • Locations (May not be complete for a while. Need more lore.)
    • Individual location cat pages. (So that special missions occurring in that region show up automatically.)
  • Maps (all individual maps now also have their own categories so that special missions that use that map are automatically listed at the bottom of the page) - Cat and indiv. cat pages: Complete
  • Information
  • Stub category lists pages that had tags added (or other minor additions) and still need actual content added.

Lore informationEdit

There is some lore information from The Ember Conflict forums, Dev Blog, Game, etc that can be used and published on the wiki.


create pages for relevant information relating to the game such as, Artifacts, crafting, equipment, Special missions, Game Modes and more. This will always be on the to do list as the wiki will need updated as the game updates.


Game guides, Wiki guides for editing and useful info needs to be developed.


It is important that all pages are set to the correct categories and categories are linked to relevant categories too. All pages, categories and templates should be compatible for Mobile devices such as Mobile Phones and Tablets, in either form of web browsers or apps.