Zweihander Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating5
Toughness Rating3
Speed Rating2
Range Rating1
Dificulty Rating3
Zweihander Icon To the Death

Unit Description

Particularly bull-headed members of the Shield Guard often find themselves “promoted” to the Zweihander brigade, the vanguard of the empire assaults on fortified positions.

Peerlessly courageous, they have a very short life expectancy.

Zweihanders expect death and are ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

++Damage delt and recieved when critically wounded

Usable Gear

Imperial Breastplate
Gilded Greaves
Legion Helm
Shield of the Empire
Buster Sword
Echo Edge
Medallion of Honor

Additional Information Edit

The Zweihander is a specialization of the Shield Guard. This means that although he looks like a more heavily-armored version of the Rise infantry units that he's actually an Imperial soldier.


No lore at this time.

Strategy TipsEdit

If you were using a shield guard for something in your army but you need more damage and you don't mind if he's more fragile, then a zwei is your guy.

A zweihander is great for capturing a CP early in the match. He has enough strength that he'll punish any opposing unit that tries to dispute his claim and can live long enough that either you can get additional support to him or reinforce him with a more durable unit. If he survives the capture then he can be used to add substantial muscle to any other conflicts on the map, thus leaving him on the outside hitting in and not in the center of a fight, where he's likely to take damage quickly and die.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Zweihander and the Soul Ancient share a common ancestor developmentally in the Berzerker from the alpha. The zerk was plagued with fragility and low damage, although he had regeneration. It was pointed out that the name 'berzerker' implied heavy hitting and a lack of concern for damage. This profile became the zweihander while the regeneration was left for the Soul Ancient.